20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


19.3. Bachelor of Arts in Family Studies Education (non-licensure)

The Mission of the Bachelor of Arts in Family Studies Education is to promote understanding of the consistent and dynamic factors found today in American families, and to equip students with the knowledge and practical skill sets to meet the needs of families found in current society.

·      Demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of individual and family development across the life span in diverse contexts and changing environments.

·      Demonstrate an ability to evaluate and apply research and theory to practice and policy.

·      Analyze processes, policies and contextual factors that affect the delivery of human services to individuals and families.

·      Demonstrate professional, ethical, and culturally sensitive standards of conduct.

·      Demonstrate knowledge and competence in helping, leadership, and administrative skills for human services.

·      Apply theoretical models of the major in clinical settings.


Completers of the Bachelor of Arts in Family Studies Education will be able to:


·      Identify and describe the role of Families in American Society.

·      Analyze the socio-economic, emotional and educational needs of people at various stages of their life.

·      Design research based and principled practices in the formation, implementation and evaluation of a variety of family experiences.

·      Construct a personal philosophy of service learning to the community at large and its role in being an ethical professional with human service practice.

·      Identify and Implement successful strategies regarding community based education for learners of varying age and social background.

·      Construct, Implement, and Evaluate action plans to meet specific family needs.


Indicators of Success


·      Successful completion of course work with a GPA of 2.5 in all courses listed in the minor.

·      Successful completion of field experiences in community and educational settings.  Educational settings are not limited to those of a public school.


Course sequencing for the Bachelor of Arts in Family Studies Degree


First Year Fall Semester

ENG 1113       English Composition I

AIS 1103        American Indian Studies

REL ____3     Religion Course

CLE 1103       First Year Seminar

FSE 1003        Introduction to Family Studies Education

_________     * Foreign Language Requirement (if applicable) Spanish or Native Language

15 Credit Hours


First Year Spring Semester

ENG 1213      English Composition II

SPC 1713        Speaking and Thinking Critically

MTH 1513      College Algebra

AES ____3     Treasuring the Arts

________4      Science Course w/Lab (4 CR HR)

16 Credit Hours


Second Year Fall Semester

PED 2002       Educational Technology

PED 1002       Introduction to Education

ESE 2112        Personal Health

ECH 2203       Health, Safety, and Nutrition

FSE 2333        Ethnic and Non-Traditional Families

PED 2603       Human Growth and Development

_______3        Lower Division Emphasis Course I

18 Credit Hours


Second Year Spring Semester

FSE 2203        Addiction in the Family

SOC 2223       The Family

LOGIC 3213  Introduction to Critical Thinking and Informal Logic

FSE 2103        Families with Special Needs

________3      Lower Division Emphasis Course II

15 Credit Hours


Third Year Fall Semester

HIS 3333         Poverty in America

ECH 3103       Families, Schools and Communities

PED 3113        Multicultural Education

PED 3103       Educational Psychology

________3      Upper Division Emphasis I

FSE 3222        Family Finance

17 Credit Hours


Third Year Spring Semester

FSE 3403        Education of the Adult Population

PED 3203       Education of Exceptional Child

FSE 3113        Media and the Family

FSE 3333        Community Resources for the Family
SOC 1113        Introduction to Sociology

15 Credit Hours


Fourth Year Fall Semester

FSE 4113        Research Proposal in Family Studies

FSE 4223        Death and Dying

FSE 3103        Aging and the Family

REA 3003       Children’s Lit, Literacy and Technology
ART/THE ____          3 hours

15 Credit Hours


Fourth Year Spring Semester

FSE 4116        Practicum in Family Studies

FSE 4153        Applications of Family Case Theory

_______3        Upper Division Emphasis II

12 Credit hours


124 Total Credit Hours in the Bachelor of Science in Family Studies Education Degree.