20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


19.2. Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Development and Education (non-licensure)

Recommended Course Sequence for Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Development and Education


First Year Fall Semester      

BIO 1114        Human Biology         

ENG 1113       English Composition I           

MTH 1513      College Algebra         

AIS 1103         Introduction to American Indian Studies      

CLE 1103        First Year Seminar     

16 Credit Hours         


First Year Spring Semester

GPS 1114        General Physical Science

ENG 1213       English Composition II

PED 1002       Introduction to Education

HIS____3        US History

SPC 1713        Speaking and Thinking Critically

PED 2002       Education Technology

17 Credit Hours


Second Year Fall Semester  

AES ____3     Aesthetics and Social Sciences         

ESE 2112        Personal Health          

ECH  2102      Foundations of Education      

PSC 2013        American Government

PED 2102       Legal Issues in Education      

MGT 2223      Principles of Management

15 Credit Hours         


Second Year Spring Semester

ECH 3003       Creative Experience and Play

ECH 2203       Health Safety and Nutrition of Children

FSE 2103        Families with Special Needs

ECH 2103       Child Development (Birth-8 yrs)

REL ____3      Religion

16 Credit Hours


Third Year Fall Semester    

LOGIC 3213   Introduction to Critical Thinking and Informal Logic          

PED 3203       Education of the Exceptional Child  

REA 3003       Child's Lit., Literacy, and Technology          

REA 3103       Literacy Language and Cognitive Development       

PED 2212       Motor Skills Dev. For the Young Child         

14 Credit Hours         


Third Year Spring Semester

PED 3113        Multicultural Issues in Education

PED 3103       Educational Psychology

ECH 3123       Infant and Toddler Brain Development

REA 3103       Literacy, Language, & Cognitive Development

ECH 3103       Family, School, & Community

15 Credit Hours


Fourth Year Fall Semester  

ECH 4103       Integrated Curriculum & Assessment

ECH 4113       Organization and Admin of ECH Programs  

ECH 4203       Science Soc. Studies and Math in ECH        

PED 3303       Classroom Behavior Management    

FSE 2203        Addiction in the Family

15 Credit Hours         


Fourth Year Spring Semester

ECH 4102       Capstone Seminar

ECH 4116       Capstone Experience

8 Credit Hours


124 Total Credit hours for Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Development and Education