20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


18.3. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Emphasis in Accounting

The objective of this program is to prepare students to commence and to continue to develop in a wide range of professional accounting careers. Upon completion, students will have the basic conceptual knowledge of business and sufficient depth and breadth in accounting that will prepare for careers as professional accountants in financial institutions, industry, private practice and in the non-profit sector.


Successful completion of the program requires students to meet the Bacone College’s general education requirements, the School of Business and Finance’s core requirements and the required course of study for the focus on accounting. All courses taken to satisfy the accounting focus require a grade of ‘C’.



First Year Spring Semester

ACC 2123       Managerial Accounting

HIS ____3       History Course

ENG 1213       English Composition II

MKT 2283      Principles of Marketing

________3      Guided Elective

HPE ____1     HPE Course (1CR HR)

16 Credit Hours


Second Year Fall Semester  

BUS 2143       Business Law I          

ACC 2203       Intermediate Accounting I     

ECN 2113       Microeconomics        

SPC 1713        Speaking & Thinking Critically        

_______4        Science w/Lab (4 CR HR)     

16 Credit Hours         


Second Year Spring Semester

REL ___3        Religion Course

FIN 3113         Business Finance

ACC 2213       Intermediate Accounting II

ECN 2613       Macroeconomics

BUS 4553       Quantitative Methods in Business

15 Credit Hours


Third Year Fall Semester    

CIS 3213         Technology Application in Business

MGT 3253      Statistical Reasoning 

AIS ____3       American Indian Studies       

ACC 3213       Cost Accounting        

LOGIC 3213  Introduction to Critical Thinking and Informal Logic

15 Credit Hours         


Third Year Spring Semester

ACC 3313       Auditing

ACC 3113       Financial Statement Analysis

MGT 3333      Labor Relations Management

________3      Guided Elective

AES 2003       Creativity: Treasuring the Arts

15 Credit Hours


Fourth Year Fall Semester  

FIN 3553         Money and Banking  

MGT 4113      Org. Behavior & Leadership Theory 

ACC 4313       Fund Accounting       

ACC 4213       Income Tax Accounting         

CIS 4113         Management Information Systems    

15 Credit Hours         


Fourth Year Spring Semester

_______3        Guided Elective

BUS 4954       Problems in Business

_______3        Major Elective

_______3        Major Elective

BUS 4013       Business Ethics

16 Credit Hours


124 Total Credit hours for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Emphasis in Accounting