20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


18.1. Associate of Science in Business Administration

Recommended Course Sequence for Associate of Science in Business Administration


First Year Fall Semester      

CLE 1003       First Year Seminar     

MTH 1513      College Algebra         

ACC 2113       Financial Accounting 

ENG 1113       English Composition I           

AIS ____3       American Indian Studies       

15 Credit Hours         


First Year Spring Semester

ACC 2123       Managerial Accounting

BUS 2143       Business Law I

ENG 1213       English Composition II

REL____3      Religion Course

________4      Science w/Lab (4 CR HR)

16 Credit Hours


First Year Summer Semester

______3          Intro to Psychology or Sociology

______3          General Elective

6 Credit Hours


Second Year Fall Semester  

CIS 3213         Technology Applications in Business

MKT 2283      Principles of Marketing         

MGT 2223      Principles of Management     

SPC 1713        Speaking and Thinking Critically      

______3          General Elective        

______3          ART Course   

18 Credit Hours         


Second Year Spring Semester

MGT ___3      Any 3000 level Management Course

MKT 2513      Buyer Behavior

FIN 3113         Business Finance

ECN 2513       Microeconomics

LIT ___3         Literature Course

15 Credit Hours


66 Total Credit Hours for Associate of Science in Business Administration