20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


17.3. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Inactive Program)

This program is currently inactive. Currently, the college has no faculty for this program and classes are not being offered. And no students are being recruited for this program at this time.

Program Mission Statement

The program mission is to serve American Indians in a Christian environment to assist in

meeting the community need for professionally competent, registered nurses who plan

and provide skilled care with respect for personal, cultural, and spiritual differences.


Goals and Outcomes


·      Students will be clinically competent.

            Student Learning Outcomes: Students will demonstrate proper head-to-toe and 

            physical assessments.

            Students will demonstrate satisfactory nursing skills and techniques as a 

            provider of individual or group client care.

            Students will demonstrate proper patient safety skills.

·      Students will demonstrate communication skills.

            Student Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to communicate verbally

            with others in classroom and clinic settings.

            Students will be able to produce written communication skills.

            Students will be able to demonstrate the use of information technology in patient care and information management for nursing care.   

·      Students will model professionalism.

           Student Learning Outcomes: Students will gain professional development knowledge outside the classroom.

            Students will develop job placement skills.

            Students will demonstrate legal, ethical, and professional behavior as a care provider.

·      Students will develop critical thinking skills.

            Student Learning Outcomes: Students will learn to continuously collect and record data that will be comprehensive, systemic, and accurate.

            Students will use critical thinking in applying research findings in planning nursing care.

           Students will demonstrate clinical reasoning in areas of healthcare trends.

·      Students will feel that the program is effective.

             Student Learning Outcomes: Students will complete the program.

             Students will be satisfied with the education they received prior to graduation.

             Graduates will pass the NCLEX exam on first attempt.

             Graduates will be employed within six months.

             Employer satisfaction of recent graduates.

             Graduates will remain employed in nursing in three years.


·       Students will integrate concepts of liberal education to guide nursing practice.

·       Students will incorporate knowledge and skills in leadership, quality improvement, and patient safety to provide high quality health care.

·       Students will integrate evidence, clinical reasoning, and inter-professional collaboration in patient centered care.

·       Students will utilize patient care technologies and information management to support decision making in the provision of quality patient care.

·       Students will demonstrate clinical reasoning to guide professional nursing practice reflecting: health care trends, ethical principles, economic influences, legal parameters, and political factors.

·       Students will implement various communication strategies to guide practice decisions and improve patient outcomes.

·       Students will develop strategies to promote healthy lifestyles and disease prevention for individuals/target population.

·       Students will demonstrate professionalism in the contribution for the advancement of nursing.

·       Students will utilize strategies which promote holistic patient centered nursing care for culturally, ethnically, and spiritually diverse patients across the health-illness continuum, throughout the lifespan, and in all settings.


Indicators of Success


  • 75% of candidates will successfully complete the program with a minimum 2.50 GPA.
  • 75% of graduates will pass the NCLEX exam on first attempt.
  • 50% of graduates will be employed in underserved areas within three years.
  • 30% of graduates will have an advancement in position within three years of graduation.
  • 25% of graduates will continue higher education or certification within three years of graduation.
  • 30% of graduates will be employed in non-traditional roles within three years.
  • 100% of graduates will be actively engaged in self-directed learning to maintain state-of-the-art nursing practice within one year.
  • 20% of graduates will be members of a professional organization.
  • 75% of graduates will remain employed in nursing for three years.


Employer surveys will evaluate graduates after one year.

 Admission Criteria: Students accepted directly from high school must meet following criteria: ACT composite 21 or higher, cumulative 2.5 GPA, and passed four years of high school math, science, and English.

Transfer students or students not meeting any of the above criteria must have minimum cumulative GPA 2.5 and passed prerequisites with the grade of a “C”.

Foreign students: must have passed the TOEFL or IELTS tests if English is not the primary or native language.

Prerequisites are stated on the degree plan.




           FIRST YEAR

Fall Semester                                                                                                     Credit Hours                   

ENG 1113 English Composition I                                                                             3                                       

BIO 1114  Human Biology                                                                                        4

BIO  1114L Human Biology Lab                                                                              0                                       

MTH 1513 College Algebra                                                                                      3

AIS 1003 American Indian Studies                                                                           3                                       

ART 1003 Art Fundamentals                                                                                     3= 16 credit hours        




Spring Semester                                                                                                   Credit Hours                                

ENG 1213 English Composition II                                                                              3

CHM 1364 Chemistry                                                                                                  4

CHM 1364L Chemistry Lab                                                                                        0

BIO 2134 Anatomy & Physiology I                                                                            4

BIO 2134L Anatomy & Physiology I Lab                                                                   0 

LIT 1113 Introduction to Literature                                                                             3

RAD 1103 Medical Terminology                                                                                 3= 17 credit hours



Fall Semester                                                                                                        Credit Hours                   

BIO 2324 Anatomy & Physiology II                                                                            4

BIO 2324L Anatomy & Physiology II Lab                                                                   0

NUR 1113 Fundamentals of Nursing                                                                            3 

LANG Native American Language                                                                               3

SPC 1713 Speaking & Thinking Critically                                                                   3

HIST 2113 US History                                                                                                  3= 16 credit hours 


Spring Semester                                                                                                  Credit Hours                 

REL 1003 Religion                                                                                                        3

BIO 2324 Microbiology                                                                                                4

BIO 2324L Microbiology Lab                                                                                      0

NUR 1112 Nursing Skills & Techniques                                                                      2

NUR 1102 Pharmacology/Dosage Calculations                                                           2

LOGIC 3213 Intro to Critical Thinking                                                                        3= 14 credit hours



 Fall Semester                                                                                                      Credit Hours                 

NUR 1224 Medical/Surgical Nursing                                                                           4

NUR 1222 Medical/Surgical Nursing Clinical                                                              2

NUR 2023 Nursing Care of Children                                                                            3

NUR 2021 Nursing Care of Children Clinical                                                              1

NUR 2033 Nursing Care of Family                                                                              3

NUR 2021 Nursing Care of Family Clinical                                                                 1= 14 credit hours


Spring Semester                                                                                                   Credit Hours                  

NUR 2042 Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Care                                                     2

NUR 2041 Psychiatric-Mental Health Care-Clinical                                                     1

NUR 2144 Advanced Medical-Surg Nursing Care                                                        4       

NUR 2142 Advanced Medical-Surg Nursing- Clinical                                                  2

NUR 2243 Nursing Strategies for Progressive Leadership                                            3

NUR 2242 Nursing Strategies for Progressive Leadership Capstone                            2

PSC 2023 Developmental Psychology                                                                           3= 17 credit hours


  Fall Semester                                                                                                    Credit Hours                 

NUR 3003 Health Care Community & Nursing Informatics                                       3

NUR 3103 Theories & Concepts in Professional Nursing                                           3

NUR 3183 Transcultural Nursing & Health Care                                                         3

NUR 3243 Health Assessment & Promotion                                                                3

BIO 2123 Nutrition                                                                                                       3 = 15 credit hours

 Spring Semester                                                                                                 Credit Hours                 

NUR 3303 Nursing                                                                                                        3

NUR 4173 Nursing Research                                                                                         3

NUR 4385 Community Health Nursing                                                                         5

NUR 4484 Leadership and Management Practice   in Health Care Organizations        4= 15 credit hours