20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


16.3. Bachelor of Arts in American Indian Studies Emphasis in Tribal Languages

Course Sequencing

First Year Fall Semester

AIS 1103        Introduction to American Indian Studies

_______3        LAGE – LIT 2333/COM1113/PSC/SOC Core

CLE 1103       First Year Seminar

ENG 1113       English Composition I

SPC 1713        Speaking and Thinking Critically

15 Credit Hours


First Year Spring Semester

______3          LAGE – American Indian LIT/Philosophy/History/Religion

______4          4 Credit hour Science course with Lab

ENG 1213      English Composition II

MTH 1513      College Algebra

_______3        REL 1003/1013/2253 Religion Course

16 Credit Hours


Second Year Fall Semester

CIS 2113         Information in Modern Society

ESE 2112        Personal Health

LOGIC 3213  Introduction to Critical Thinking and Informal Logic

______3          Elective

______3          Elective

14 Credit Hours


Second Year Spring Semester

AIS 1159        Internship – Tribal Language I (12 CR HRS)

12 Credit Hours


Third Year Fall Semester

AIS 2159        Internship – Tribal Language II (12 CR HRS)

_______3        General Elective

15 Credit Hours


Third Year Summer Semester

AIS 2733        Curriculum Development for Tribal Languages

AIS 2743        Teaching Methods for Tribal Languages

AIS 2723        Applied Linguistics for Tribal Languages

9 Credit Hours


Third Year Spring Semester

AIS 3159        Internship Tribal Language III (12 CR HR)

______ 3         General Elective

15 Credit Hours


Fourth Year Fall Semester

AIS 4159        Internship Tribal Language IV (12 CR HR)

12 Credit Hours


Fourth Year Spring Semester

AIS 4203        Senior Capstone

_______3        General Elective (3 CR HR)

_______3        General Elective (3 CR HR)

_______3        General Elective (3 CR HR)

_______3        General Elective (3 CR HR)

_______1        General Elective (1 CR HR)

16 Credit Hours


124 Total Credit Hours for Bachelor of Arts in American Indian Studies – Tribal Languages


The AA and BA degrees in American Indian Studies can be completed in their entirety at the Bacone College Main Campus.