20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


Bacone College provides teaching of historical and contemporary Native perspectives of culture and life. The Division of American Indian Studies offers both the Bachelor of Arts and Associate of Arts degree in American Indian Studies.  The Bachelor's degree offers a core liberal arts curriculum built around courses in American Indian history, culture and literature.  Those courses build basic skills in critical and analytic reading, writing, and speaking.  The curriculum also promotes students' career interests by offering a series of courses dealing with contemporary issues in American Indian communities—health, education, leadership, governance, environment, and arts.  Students will also be required to complete an off campus internship that complements coursework.  The specialized courses and internship are intended to prepare students with a career plan that they can pursue after graduation. 

The Division of American Indian Studies and the Center for American Indians support culturally appropriate academic and cultural enrichment programs for American Indian students.  The degree programs, however, are open to all students at Bacone College.  The activities sponsored by the Center for American Indian provide academic enrichment, social and cultural support for all American Indian students, both those who choose majors in American Indian Studies or in other academic programs at Bacone.