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20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


16.1. Associate of Arts in American Indian Studies Degree Programs

The Associate of Arts in American Indian Studies is a two-year program that comprises a core of liberal arts oriented courses from a variety disciplinary areas—Indian Art, American Indian Literature, American Indian History, and American Indian Tribal Government.  Bacone College also offers a variety of other courses dealing with American Indian topics such as Media Studies and Special Studies in American Indian Studies courses which change from year to year, but are noted in the Class Schedule.  The Associate of Arts Degree program promotes students' acquisition of basic skills in critical and analytic reading, writing, and speaking. It is intended to prepare students to transfer to upper division programs leading to the Bachelor's degree. 

Admission Requirements

Graduation from an accredited high school (or its equivalent) with a satisfactory scholastic record; Minimum - ACT composite score of 18 or a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in a minimum of twenty (20) college credits applying toward the AA in AIS degree. Introduction to American Indian Studies should have been completed with a grade of "C" or better within the five (5) years prior to admission to fulfill degree requirements.

*Any course under the American Indian Studies rubric in a given semester may fulfill the AIS Emphasis requirements.

Course Sequencing

First Year Fall Semester      

AIS 1103         Introduction to American Indian Studies      

CLE 1103        First Year Seminar     

ENG 1113       English Composition I           

MTH 1513      College Algebra         

________3      General Elective/AIS Emphasis        

15 Credit Hours         


First Year Spring Semester

AIS 2023         American Indian Mythology

ENG 1213       English Composition II

SPC 1713        Speaking & Thinking Critically

REL 1003        Introduction to Christianity

_______2        General Elective/AIS Emphasis (2 CR HR)

_______3        General Elective/AIS Emphasis

17 Credit Hours


Second Year Fall Semester  

______ 4         Science Course w/Lab (4 CR HR)    

AIS___3          AIS Elective

AIS 2003         American Indian Government           

_______3        General Elective/AIS Emphasis        

_______3        Liberal Arts Guided Elective                         

16 Credit Hours         


Second Year Spring Semester

AIS___3          AIS Elective

AIS 2333         American Indian Literature

AIS 2913         Contemporary American Indian Affairs

_______2        General Elective/AIS Emphasis (2 CR HR)

_______3        General Elective/AIS Emphasis

_______3        Liberal Arts Guided Elective

17 Credit Hours

65 Total Hours for Associate of Arts in American Indian Studies

65 Total Hours for Associate of Arts in American Indian Studies