Faculty Handbook

24. Class Meetings & Canceling Classes

Faculty is expected to meet with their classes on every scheduled meeting time and for the entire length of the class period as identified in the College’s Course Schedule. Classes should begin on time and be conducted at an appropriate college level. Attendance for each class must be taken by faculty and recorded on the College's computer system.

If for any reason the faculty cannot meet a class, the faculty will contact the Division Chair and the Vice President for Academic Affairs, even if arrangements have been made for the course to meet in the faculty’s absence. If a faculty cannot be present and no arrangements have been made for a class to meet, the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs will notify students that the class is canceled. If faculty wishes to change a class location or time, the Vice President for Academic Affairs must approve such changes. If a change is approved, a Class Slip form available through the Office of the Registrar is to be completed.

In cases of inclement weather, the Vice President for Academic Affairs will make the determination as to whether the College will operate under a delayed start schedule or will be closed for that day. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will then notify, by 6 a.m., the major radio and TV stations and have an announcement posted on the College's website.

No food or drinks are allowed in classrooms. It is also the faculty’s responsibility to assure that no mess remains following each class meeting. 

Final Exams

The College requires that a final examination be administered in every course, although faculty determines the structure of the final examination. All final exams will be administered at the time and location indicated on the final exam schedule. The Vice President for Academic Affairs must approve any waiver of a final examination or change to the time and location. Copies of the final exam for each course taught must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs by the end of Final Exams Week each semester.

Determining and Reporting Grades

Faculty is responsible for determining the instruments and value of each that will be used in determining a student's grade. The instruments used and their values will be listed on the syllabus for each course. Grades may be posted for students, but anonymity must be maintained by listing those grades by a designator for each student, not to include their name or social security number.

Mid-term grades of D or F and all final grades will also be reported to the Office of the Registrar.