20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog, last updated July 29, 2020

9. Student Life

Student Life Offices

Bacone College believes that education occurs outside the classroom as well as inside. To encourage the extracurricular growth of its students, the college provides a well-rounded student life program. A complete guide to this program is published each year in the student handbook. Available on the web site, this handbook should be consulted for more specific information about matters discussed in this section of the catalog. A hard copy of the handbook is available upon request to Student Life.

The Student Life Offices are located at the Samuel Richard Hall. Student Life is responsible for the function of student discipline and implementation of the fair hearing process.  Also located in this area is the Student Senate office.

Student Activities

The many and varied activities sponsored by Student Life and those by the Student Senate are provided at a low or no cost. The current schedule of student activities is posted on the web site and will be posted throughout the campus.

Laundry facilities are available during posted hours.

Housing and Hospitality

The Office of Housing and Hospitality is available to students 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. M-F. Current academic year residency applications can be found at www.bacone.edu under forms and documents.

Bacone College currently has five residence halls available for student use: Isaac McCoy Hall, Alexander Posey Hall, and three apartment style halls. Room and Board rates are detailed in the fees section of this catalog. The housing office is located at the Palmer Center.

Students are required to have a Bacone College Student I.D. Card regardless of residency status. These cards are utilized in the Campus Dining Hall, library, and residential hall door entry.  The cards may also be utilized to obtain student discounts at various businesses throughout the city.

Residential life is one of the many ways that our students become an active part of the campus community. The residential life experience is available to those students who meet residency requirements on a space-available basis; some scholarships require full-time residency on campus for continued award.

Residency Requirements:

    • Freshmen and Sophomores shall be residential students. (Excluding DOTL students)
    • Students receiving Athletic scholarships shall be residential students.
    • Students receiving 50%+ Academic scholarships shall be residential students.
    • All International students shall be residential students.
    • Students in some program-specific scholarships.

Appeals for housing exemption should be submitted to Housing and approved by the Dean of Students. If denied, a final written appeal may be submitted to the Office of the President.

Any student who must request a replacement residential hall key may be charged the standard key replacement fee.  Residential students are required to provide proof of medical/accident coverage and verification of immunization, including the Hepatitis series, prior to assignment of a room in the residence halls.  If a vehicle is to be driven on campus, a vehicle registration form as well as proof of vehicle insurance must be provided to the Housing Office.  All vehicles must be registered regardless of residency status.

The College's policies related to vehicles and guests may be found in the latest published revision of the Student Handbook

Student Housing Refund Policies

Fall and Spring Semesters:

Withdrawal Before Classes Begin                                                      100%

Withdrawal During the First Week of Classes                                    90%

Withdrawal During Second and Third Weeks of Classes                   75 %

Withdrawal During Fourth and Fifth Weeks of Classes                     50 %

Withdrawal During Sixth and Seventh Weeks of Classes                  25 %

Withdrawal After the Seventh Week of Classes                                 No Refund

Summer Eight-Week Session:

Withdrawal Before Classes Begin                                                     100%

Withdrawal During the First Week of Classes                                   50%

Withdrawal During Second Week of Classes                                    25 %

Withdrawal After Second Week of Classes                                        No Refund

For further information, or to apply for campus housing, please contact housing@bacone.edu or:

Student Housing
Bacone College
2299 Old Bacone Road
Muskogee, OK 74403


Dining Service (Meal Plans)

Bacone College Food Service offers well-planned cafeteria service meals that assure a balanced, nutritious diet.  Commuter students may also arrange for meals. Whenever necessary, students with special dietary needs may make special arrangements with the Housing Office, located at the Palmer Center. (The Housing Office will make notification to the meal provider.) Meals are served at the dining room from the first day of classes through the last day of test week. 

The food service program serves 19 meals per week except during the Christmas holiday, Thanksgiving holiday, Spring Break week, and Easter, when the dining hall is closed. All students residing in the residence halls during Fall and Spring are required to participate in the food service program.

For more information visit www.baconedining.com


Food Service Refund Policies:

Fall and Spring Semesters:


Withdrawal Before Classes Begin


Withdrawal During the First Week of Classes


Withdrawal During the Second and Third Weeks of Classes

  75 %

Withdrawal During the Fourth and Fifth Week of Classes


Withdrawal During the Sixth and Seventh Week of Classes


Withdrawal After the Seventh Week of Classes

No Refund




Summer Eight-Week Session:


Withdrawal Before Classes Begin


Withdrawal During the First Week of  Classes


Withdrawal During the Second Week of Classes

  25 %

Withdrawal After the Second Week of Classes

No Refund






Student Ministries


Center for American Indians

The Center for American Indians (Center) was established in Fall 2009 as a pilot program located in the Office of the President. The Center will coordinate campus-based cultural programs, and will work in collaboration with the Division of American Indian Studies in research related to the future of American Indian education and collections in higher education.


The Center is expected to attract interest, energy, funding, faculty, staff and students and expanding American Indian Programs. These expectations will then provide for a new creative energy for this primary and historic mission of higher education with American Indians. The Center will also validate the American Indian Voice as the Privileged Voice on Bacone College's Campus. The Center is located at the Kiva.


American Indian Student Programs

Bacone College offers a variety of programs for American Indian Students.  The college is committed to the provision of scholarship and program opportunity and a variety of American Indian clubs, i.e., stickball, arts, crafts, and song and dance.


Center for Christian Ministries


The Center for Christian Ministries is located in the Bacone Memorial Chapel.  The Chaplain and the Director of Christian Ministry are available to assist students in need of counseling.  Drop by anytime during regular business hours.  Evening appointments are available upon request.


Students are encouraged to participate in planned worship experiences on the campus such as Bacone Hour and Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Wednesday Night Worship.  Christian outreach and mission opportunities are available through the Chaplains Office, including regular missions/service days for our students.


Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling services are provided by the Center for Christian Ministries. Two licensed pastoral counselors are available to serve students with Christian pastoral assistance.


Christian Clubs

Student Ministry at Bacone College is focused on students ministering to students. An important vehicle for student ministry is the Christian Clubs which include the Gospel Choir, Praise Team/Band, and Worship Arts Club.  These student ministries provide support and leadership for the worship and Bible study ministries of the campus.