20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog, last updated July 29, 2020


Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management at Bacone College strives to create a streamlined process of recruitment, admission, financial, and academic counseling to fulfill our mission to be student-centered.  Personalized services and individual attention creates a supportive and nurturing environment.  The fundamental concept of building our Christian community begins with our friendly recruitment and admissions counselors and continues with the student throughout their academic career at Bacone College.

Enrollment Management consists of the following departments: Department of Admissions, Department of Financial Aid, International Student Admissions.  Each department works in concert to provide an efficient enrollment experience for all students.


General Admission Information

Bacone College invites individuals from a variety of cultures and backgrounds to apply for admittance into its academic programs.  The College operates on a “rolling admissions” format, meaning that Application for Admission Forms may be submitted at any time. Applications may be submitted on-line at www.bacone.edu.  Once received, applications are promptly reviewed and processed by the Office of Admissions.  The admissions committee carefully weighs a variety of factors with each applicant in determining the prospective student’s potential to benefit from the College’s educational programs. 

To schedule a visit or submit academic records, please address all correspondence to:

Admissions Office
Bacone College
2299 Old Bacone Road
Muskogee, Oklahoma 74403
1-888-682-5514 or 1-918-781-7340
www.bacone.edu e-mail: admissions@bacone.edu

General Admission Procedures

When possible, prospective students are encouraged to visit the Office of Admissions for assistance in completing the application process. The following procedures are necessary in expediting a prospective student’s application:

Work with Admissions Counselor to complete your application.   Individuals may also meet with the respective dean or director for assistance in applying for acceptance into programs with selective admissions requirements.

Complete and submit the Application for Admission form along with the required non-refundable application fee (See fee schedule). You may also apply online for free.  

Submit sealed official academic transcripts from high school (Seventh semester or final transcripts), GED Testing, ACT or SAT I testing, and all colleges previously attempted.

Upon receipt of all academic records, the Admissions Committee will review the application and will determine admittance into Bacone College.  Students are encouraged to apply for federal financial aid at this time. Please visit www.fafsa.ed.gov to complete the application online.

The student will be notified by a Letter of Admittance.  Enclosed will be the Intent to Accept Admissions form to be completed by the student and returned with the new student enrollment fee (See fee schedule).

The Office of Admissions will forward the student’s file to the Financial Aid Office.




Admissions Standards

The Office of Admissions will offer a Letter of Admittance to applicants who have a completed Admission’s file and have met the minimum standards of admissions established by Bacone College.  Established minimum requirements are defined as:

High School Graduates:   Grade Point Average of 2.0 or higher, ACT composite of a 18 (SAT I= 860, and Class Rank of top 50%.

Non-Traditional High School Graduates:   GED score= 50 (500 on new tests), ACT composite of 18 (SAT= 860).  Students who are Home Schooled must have an ACT composite of 18 (SAT=860).

College Transfer:  12 Earned Hours or more- 2.0 GPA Cumulative.


Recommended High School Courses:

The following courses are recommended to high school students in preparation for college-level studies.





English (Grammar, Composition, Literature)


Lab Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics or any lab science with the exception of General Science with or without a lab; Applied Biology/Chemistry or Principles of Technology may be substituted for one of the lab science courses)


Mathematics (from Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Math Analysis, Calculus) or 2 years of applied Mathematics and Algebra II




Citizenship Skills (from Economics, Geography, Government, Non-Western Culture)


Additional units (Foreign Language, Speech, Economics, Geography, Government, Psychology, Sociology)



Students who have deficiencies in these high school course recommendations may be required to remove these deficiencies within the first 24 credit hours of enrollment. The student’s standardized test scores and high school transcripts determine whether or not additional, preparatory course work will be required. Additional testing may be performed by the respective academic division.

College Transfer Students

A transfer student is an undergraduate student with more than 6 attempted college credit hours, excluding developmental (0-level) courses and credit hours accumulated by concurrently enrolled high school students.  A student, with 6 or fewer attempted college credit hours, excluding remedial (0-level) courses, is considered a first-time entering student.

Students transferring in under 30 credit hours must also submit their high school transcript, ACT or SAT I scores. Transfer students will follow the General Admission Procedures listed earlier in this section.

International Students

Students from nations outside of the United States are welcomed at Bacone College. Admissions counselors are happy to assist with the necessary steps required to study in this country. Application procedures for international students are as follows:

Complete and submit the Online Application for Admission form along with the required application fee.

Submit official copies of all secondary, college and university work, including examination scores in English. All documentation must be submitted with a Review of Credentials from an approved agency. Official TOEFL scores of 500 (paper based Exam), 173 (Computer Based Exam), or 61 (Internet Based Exam) successful completion of 12 weeks of study, or achievement of Level 9 at an approved English Language Center are required of applicants from nations in which English is not the official or spoken language. International applicants from nations where English is the official language are required to submit official ACT or SAT I scores meeting established admission criteria.

Submit affidavit of support and official bank statements.

The Office of Academic Affairs reviews international applications for admission. If accepted; international students must submit a $7,500 deposit in US currency and have a US sponsor guarantee the cost of one academic year. Upon receipt of the deposit and guarantee, a SEVIS I-20 and Letter of Admittance will be issued to the student. The SEVIS I-20, Letter of Admittance, bank statements, transcripts, passport and other supporting documentation must be presented to the nearest American Embassy or U. S. Consulate for processing. To remain “in-status” as an F-1 student, international students must follow all regulations pertaining to the issuance of the SEVIS I-20 as stipulated by the U. S. Immigration and Naturalization Service and Bacone College. International students are required to pay all charges (including tuition, room, board, fees) prior to the start of each semester.

All International students shall be required to take a full course load (12 credits) and be residential students. International students may appeal to the President for exceptions to these requirements as allowed by immigration statues.




Special Admissions Information

GED Recipients

Students without a high school diploma who have received a GED diploma are also eligible to apply for admission.  In addition to the General Admissions Procedures, GED recipients are required to submit:

  • Bacone College Admissions Application.
  • Official high school transcripts covering time spent in high school.
  • Official GED transcript.
  • Official ACT or SAT I transcript.


Non-High School Graduates

Application and acceptance arrangements may be made through the Office of Admissions for students without a high school diploma or GED.  Admissions counselors will assist with the admissions process.  The College will follow the federal guidelines for documentation of Ability to Benefit.

Special Non-Degree-Seeking Students and Auditing Courses

Students who wish to enroll in courses without intending to pursue a degree may be permitted to enroll in up to 9 credit hours by making application in the Office of Admissions.  Once a student has completed 9 credit hours, and wishes to enroll in additional course work, the student must make formal application into the College.  Students wishing to audit a course for no credit need to complete an Application for Admission in the Office of Admissions.

Concurrent Enrollment

High school juniors or seniors may be admitted to Bacone College provided they meet the following requirements:

  • Meet the published criteria of Bacone College for admission.
  • Be enrolled in fewer than 6 credit courses per semester at their high school, which can be validated by their high school principal.
  • Be eligible to complete requirements for graduation from their high school no later than the spring of their senior year, which can be validated by their high school principal.
  • Junior and senior high school students are required to have a composite ACT score of 18, or a combined SAT I score of 860, or a 3.00 cumulative high school GPA.
  • A high school student who is admitted to Bacone College as a Concurrent Enrollment Student may enroll in a combined number of high school and college courses for each semester. Their full-time college and high school workload cannot exceed 19 college semester credit hours. To calculate the total workload, each high school credit is the equivalent of 3 college semester credit hours. Add up the college semester credit hours and the high school equivalent credits together to find the total.
  • An exceptional student who meets the above criteria may enroll in a maximum of 6 credit hours during a summer session or the term following the junior year in high school without being concurrently enrolled in high school during the summer term.

Students who have participated in a concurrent program other than Bacone College, must provide an official College transcript to the Office of the Registrar before credits can be transferred.

Special Program with Selective Admissions Requirements

Department of Education


·         Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education


To review the list of admissions requirements, please refer to the specific degree information under Academic Programs.


Office of Admissions General Policies

Academic Records

The Office of Admissions must receive all official academic records in a sealed envelope.  Any records submitted to the college that have been opened or copied will not be accepted as official. 

Once submitted, academic records and transcripts become a permanent part of the applicant's/student’s records at Bacone College and will not be returned.  When students require additional copies of academic records from institutions other than Bacone College, the student must contact the issuing institution.

When Background Checks Are Required of Student Applicants

The college requires background checks for applicants who (1) declare that they have been arrested or convicted of any Federal, state, local or tribal law offense and (2) when any student who declares a major in healthcare, education, health-science or criminal justice related fields. In regards to this policy, there is no distinction between main campus residential students, commuter students, or dually-enrolled tribal college students. 

Background checks are conducted through a third-party vendor and include a seven-year scope, nationwide wants and warrants check, statewide wants and warrants check, debarment check (for Federal funds), sex offender and registry check. Moving violations are not considered during the background check process. Minor offenses (such as youthful experimentation with marijuana, public intoxication, DUI without injury to a third party) are presumptively waived. More serious violations may be waived by special permission of the President. These checks are required of students who declare that they have been arrested or convicted of any Federal, state, local or tribal law offense to ensure that there are no terms and conditions of probation that would prevent them from attending Bacone College, that there are no outstanding criminal proceedings, and to ensure that Bacone meets its due diligence requirements under VAWA and Title IX. 


These checks are also required of students declaring a major in healthcare, education, health-science or criminal justice related fields because the state licensing boards for these fields require a background check as a condition of licensing. This process is a safeguard to ensure that students are not enrolled who are subsequently unable to pass licensing examinations due to adverse criminal history. 

Transfer Probation

Transfer students who were academically suspended at another institution may make a formal request for admission on probationary status to the Admissions Office and the Office of Academic Affairs. 

 Re-Admission after Absence

Students who have attended Bacone College previously, but have not attended in the past academic year, must re-submit an Application for Admission.  If the student has attended any other college in the meantime, official transcripts of the college work attempted since the last date of attendance must also be submitted.  A student who was not enrolled in Bacone College for one academic year and was not a candidate for graduation will return under the policies stated in the current catalog.

Leave of Absence Status

A student, who finds it necessary to leave Bacone College voluntarily due to personal or professional reasons, may apply for Leave of Absence Status (LOAS) of up to 180 days in a 12-month period.  LOAS assures the student of readmission to the College without further paperwork or review by Admissions. Upon return, the student may continue his/her academic studies by retaking the specific courses previously enrolled in, or their equivalent in total credit hours, at no additional expense.  In addition, the student may choose to re-enter the College under the academic catalog in effect at the time the LOAS was granted or may elect to enter under the current catalog. Students under full-time study may change to a later catalog at any time.

The Office of Financial will explain to a student that is a Title IV, HEA program loan recipient, the effect that failure to return from the leave may have on the student's loan repayment term. A student requesting a Leave of Absence Status must submit a completed, signed, and dated LOAS application prior to the requested leave time.

The LOAS application is available online at www.Bacone.edu as well as at the Office of Academic Affairs and the Registrar's Office and must be approved by the Office of Academic Affairs. The College’s Business Office will approve the disposition of the student’s financial obligations (if any) at the time of application for LOAS. (Tuition and fees are the only expense reassigned to the next full-term semester. Room and Board charges are exempt from the LOAS Policy, and follows the tuition refund time frame as stated in the Bacone College Catalog.) “LA” will appear on the student’s transcript designating the Leave of Absence Status.



Re-Admission after Academic Suspension from Bacone College

Students under academic suspension at Bacone College will not be re-admitted for at least one full semester subsequent to the date of academic suspension. Students wishing to appeal the decision may do so by submitting a letter of appeal to the Office of Academic Affairs.  Student admission after suspension will be probationary. 

Students must submit the following items after suspension:

  • Application for Admissions.
  • Official transcripts of any college work attempted since the date of suspension.


Academic Suspension Policy

Students who are suspended from the College for academic reasons are prohibited from having access to the campus and campus-sponsored events for the duration of the suspension. Appeals for academic suspensions must be made in writing submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs.